Easy, anytime access to email, calendar, and contacts.

InstantMail gives you access to all the data in your mail system in addition to automatic backup and secure storage...from any PC or mobile device.  With InstantMail, it's extremely easy to share documents directly from your mail system so you don't have to work with folders both in your mail system and on your desktop.

Why choose InstantMail from SAC-IT?

  • Automatic backup of all the data in your mail system (emails, calendar appointments, contacts, and documents).
  • Your data is stored in the cloud so it's secure and safe from a PC crash or other disaster.
  • You can access all your mail system data from any PC or mobile device, not just new messages like many mail systems.
  • You can easily share documents in shared folders, so you no longer need to create separate folders on your desktop.
  • Easy to use...InstantMail looks and functions like any other mail system.
  • You have access to social media like LinkedIn and Facebook directly from your inbox.

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