InstantBCM Business Continuity Management

InstantBCM is more than just disaster recovery.

If disaster strikes your business, disaster recovery is there to help you get your data back.  However, that doesn't necessarily help you continue to do business.  InstantBCM (Business Continuity Management) is designed to allow your business to continue to operate if your system goes down for whatever reason.

InstantBCM creates a copy of your system that's continually updated to match your active system.  When something goes wrong with your system, you simply switch to your BCM system and continue operating as you normally would so employees stay productive and customers stay happy. 

Reasons to use InstantBCM from SAC-IT

  • Disaster recovery is not enough to help you keep operating if your system goes down.
  • BCM addresses technical issues as well as human errors and misuse, which cause 90% of IT incidents.
  • BCM minimizes data loss and minimizes costly downtime.
  • BCM is an affordable solution to ensure employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

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